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Cardiff Airport Parking | Official Long Stay

To book a space, use the search bar at the top of this page. We compare the market to ensure you always get the best deal.

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What parking services are available?

There are 3 car parks at Cardiff, two are located next to the terminal, whilst one is an independent facility just a few minutes drive from the airport. In all cases, you can catch a transfer bus.

All three car parks offer full disabled access, and you can pre-book special assistance if required. You can do this at the airport by calling 01446 729329, or emailing If you need general advice about European travel as a disabled person, visit

Cardiff Highwayman Secure

The Highwayman Secure, offers independent parking just a stones throw from the terminal. Cheaper than on-site parking, this is a handy service for those travelling on a budget. Transfers are on-demend, and you'll never be too far from a bus to take you to the terminal and back.

Another cool feature of Highwayman airport parking, is that they're home to the Highwayman Pub, a great place for a pre trip meal!

To book the Highwayman Secure, visit their website directly, or give them a call on 01446 719105.

Airparks Cardiff Airport (Closed)

A long since closed car park, Airparks was a great facility offering budget parking - similar in scope to the Highwayman. They were located on the same grounds as the Sky Plaza Hotel - leading to some great hotel and parking deals! Unfortunately, this facility closed in 2010.

Disabled parking at Cariff Airport

If you're a disabled person, you'll be glad to hear that all car parks at the airport offer full disabled services. You can book special assistance both within your car park of choice and the main terminal.

If you want to leaen more about travel as a disabled passenger, visit

Why book your space with us at Cardiff?

There are loads of reasons to choose us! Here are just a few of them.

1. We're Park Mark awarded

Every Cardiff airport parking space on our books is covered by the Park Mark Award. This means that the Police have vetted each facility to ensure a high standard of safety and security on-site.

You can expect full closed circuit television, high fencing and staff on-site 24/7/365 as standard.

Want to learn more about the Park Mark?

2. We give great service at Cardiff Airport

Our sales and service line is open 7 days a week, and you're never far from getting the help and support you need.

You can call our team on 02922 460460, or Manage your booking online

3. We compare airport parking

Whatever service you're looking for, we compare the whole of market and sell every car park at the airport.

4. We've been at Cardiff for 20 years!

Our partner company has been in business for almost 30-years, and our website has been running since 2009. Whatever happens during your holiday, rest assured that your vehicle is being taken care of by experienced staff whilst you're away.

5. We get rave airport parking reviews

Our customers love the service we provide. You can read our most recent customer reviews at our Google Business Listing, and you can even leave your own review too!

Need a good deal on your Cardiff Parking?

Most airports earn their keep by selling products other than flights. Everything from duty free, to car parking spaces are used to keep airport profits sky high!

If you spend just a few moments with us though, we'll help you get a great parking deal!

How can parking be more expensive than a taxi>

In many cases, parking at the terminal is more expensive than taking a train, taxi or a bus to the terminal. This is true even if you compare prices, use discount codes and book your parking "the right way".

Use The Train

Did you know that Cardiff Airport does have its own train station?.

Trains run regularly from Cardiff Central Station, which connects the airport with the rest of the train network.

Pre-Book A Taxi

Cardiff has a number of taxi firms that will take you to Cardiff Airport.

Catch the bus

The T9 Cardiff Airport bus runs regularly from Cardiff Central, all the way to the terminal entrance. Find out more about the route it takes Here.

Book early to catch the best savings

All car parks operate on a "first come first serve basis. This means that prices start out cheap, then become progresively more expensive as demand increases.

By booking in advance (Our advice is 8 weeks before you fly), you'll get the cheapest price locked in before they increase.

Don't pay gate rates

Gate rates, are when you don't book your space until you're outside the terminal gates. This can be terribly expensive and leave you with less choice, as smaller independent car parks fill up quickly.

Types of car park

At Cardiff, there are a few different types of car park available:


Long Stay 1 and 2 at Cardiff are the official, on-site services available. These are located within the terminal grounds, making for a quicker departure.


A cheaper option, these are independent service that transfer you to the airport by minibus. A little slower but a good and cheap solution. The Highwayman Secure is the main independent operator at Cardiff Airport.

Meet & Greet

Is now available at Cardiff Airport. Leave your vehicle at the terminal entrance for a member of staff to park for you.

Park at someones house!

There are a small number of rented driveways located close to Cardiff Airport. Just Park, is a marketplace for these spaces, and working checking to see if you can get a deal.

Please do note however, that these spaces are rented by private individuals. Check the customer reviews before booking, and if you're at all worried we recommend pre-booking official parking via us instead.

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